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Marishka [userpic]

20 Played - Video

[Marishka is in the underground cooing to young man who seems drawn to her. He moves towards her slowly, drunkenly until he's in her arms.

She smiles at him and moves his shirt away from her neck.]

There, there pretty~

[She smiles at her device and extends her fangs before kicking it. It turns off right then.]

[ooc: pffffffff. Marishka is her stereotype all the type. lol Have fun with that.]

Marishka [userpic]

19 Played - Video

May 18th, 2011 (04:04 pm)

[There is a group of men in the forest looking up into a tree. Marishka is sitting on a branch looking down at them, head tilted in curiosity. She turns the device to face her completely.]

Can I eat them?

Marishka [userpic]

18 Played - Video

[Marishka is seen hiding in a cave along the beach. It would be terrible for her to go out in the sun after all...]

One coming along...

[She smiles and her eyes glow gold as a sickening crunch is heard. Then she picks up the remains of a smashed crab between her fingers, looking at it curiously before giggling.]

So alone and now so dead. Goodbye, my sweet~

[She notices the device is on and giggles again.]

Ah~ Such a naughty little box~ But...perhaps I can ask my question to them now. To Solomon, Aion, and Luke. Did you get my presents?

[ooc: Solomon, Aion, and Luke...you all got dead animals delivered to your doorsteps. She thought they were pretty. Solomon, the only exception for you is that it's on your desk at home. What the animals are is up to you.]

Marishka [userpic]

17 Played - Video

[Marishka can be seen hanging over the edge of a balcony, ripping of flowers and tossing them over the edge. There's a wide smile on her face as rose petals fall to the ground far below.]

Smell it, sweet City~! These roses of blood!

[Grabbing some of the flowers she holds them to her face.]

I love these~!

Marishka [userpic]

16 Played - Video

[Marishka appears on the screen and appears to be hanging upside down from the roof of the Underground. She looks positively irritated.]

I rip hands from those who touch when they should not.

[Her eyes glow yellow and she smiles.]

I shall with the next who dares.

Marishka [userpic]

15 Played - Video

February 27th, 2011 (12:49 am)

[Marishka smiles at the screen and waves cutely.]

So many new faces. So many that should say hello~

[She giggles.]

Won't you come play with me~?

Marishka [userpic]

14 Played - Voice

February 21st, 2011 (09:56 am)

Mmmm~ All the silly mixed up curses are gone.

I do not like those curses. They are too different and make no sense.

Marishka [userpic]

13 Played - Voice

January 31st, 2011 (12:43 pm)

Foolish girl yesterday...

No stealing from Solomon's place. [She giggles.]

People who do play with me~

Marishka [userpic]

12 Played - Voice

January 23rd, 2011 (02:27 pm)

Such irritating noise this is. Never ending.


[Very suddenly the irritation leaves her voice in favor of a cooing.]

Solomon~ Let us go Underground~

Marishka [userpic]

11 Played - Voice

December 31st, 2010 (12:05 am)

What tiresome curse is this?

This is not my bedroom.

[She hisses.]

Return me to where I should be!

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